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      Regimental Colours: What Do They Mean to Servicemen and Women?


      Regimental colours are an integral part of any army. Traditionally they were used so that servicemen and women could locate their regiment amid the chaos of battle.
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      A Guide to Sock Lengths


      No-show. Crew. Over the calf. Ankle length. There are many different types of socks to choose from, but with so many options, how do you make sure you’re wearing the right type of socks for the occasion and to complement your outfit?
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      Treat Your Feet: Cashmere Silk Socks


      If you want to treat yourself - and your feet - then a pair of cashmere silk socks is the ultra-luxurious addition you need to make to your wardrobe.
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      The Corgi Sock Dictionary


      To help you pull your socks up when it comes to knowing your clocks from your garters, the sock experts at Corgi have compiled a helpful glossary and guide.
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      5 Rules for Wearing Socks (and How to Break Them)


      Is pairing socks with shorts the ultimate footwear taboo? Is it bad to sleep with socks on? Find out here.
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      Behind the AW19 Collection


      We look at how the AW19 collection was designed and the inspiration behind it.
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      The New Rugby Stripe Sock Collection


      We take a look at our new Rugby Stripe Sock collection ahead of rugby season.
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      Our Women's AW19 Collection is Here!


      Step into Autumn in style with the fabulous socks from our new Women’s AW19 collection. Go bold with vibrant patterned designs, or keep things simple with a plain, understated pair.
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      The Regimental Collection


      Our regimental collection was launched in 2013 and we take great pride in making an annual cheque presentation to the Veterans' mental health charity, Combat Stress.
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      Three Ways To Style Striped Socks


      We take a look at some of our striking striped sock designs and how best to wear them.
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      Groomsmen Gifts


      The wedding season is upon us and many couples will be sorting the final touches for their big day. If you’re yet to tick the groomsmen’s gifts off your list, our personalised cotton blend socks will give you one less thing to worry about.
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      Gifts for a Marvellous Mum


      Spoil your mum with a luxury cashmere gift this Mother’s Day. We have a selection of stylish and cosy knits that are sure to bring a smile to her face!
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      Dog Motif Socks for Crufts


      Cute, full of personality and let’s face it, we couldn’t be without them; and that’s just our socks! With one of the most renowned dog shows across the globe taking place on Thursday 7th March, we’re talking all things canine related at Corgi HQ.
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      Corgi Socks in Doctor Who


      We like to think that our socks are a bit different and some might even say that our designs are slightly ‘out there.’ It perhaps seems fitting then, that Jodie Whittaker sports a pair of our vibrant socks in the most recent series of Doctor Who.
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      Our new, SS19 collection has arrived


      Our new, SS19 collection has arrived, filled with striking designs that will add style and personality to your sock drawer.
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      2018 Shoe Fashion That We Don't Want to See in 2019


      Once upon a time, there was no fashion crime worse than the sin of wearing ugly shoes. Celebrities and fashionistas would rather be seen in a second-hand Matalan fleece than in clunky footwear inspired by early 90s “dad attire”. Cast your mind back to Carrie Bradshaw’s shoe collection and you’ll appreciate the vital importance of a beautiful shoe. A gorgeous piece of footwear was once a thing to lust after, an aesthetic height to aspire to. A tasteless shoe selection, on the other hand, was punishable with expulsion from the fashion world.
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      Women, What do Your Socks Say About You?


      From frivolous florals, to sensible stripes; our socks can speak volumes about the type of person we are. Find out what your socks say about you here.
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      Men, What do Your Socks Say About You?


      The ankle is the perfect place to show off a sneaky flash of personality - especially when you're stuck in 'professional attire'. But what do your socks say about you?
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      Socks & Ties: Should they always match?


      Are you a traditionalist or a rule breaker? Do you dutifully coordinate your socks and tie, or do you like to mix and match colours and patterns?
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      Your Autumn Sock & Style Guide


      With a scorching summer behind us, it's time to swap your flip flops for something a little cosier. Blazing sunshine is all well and good, but crisp Autumn days, golden foliage and nice warm jumpers are a welcome treat after months of sweaty summer. They're also the perfect excuse to treat yourself to something snug for your feet.
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